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saperis - What we stand for

Our company name “saperis” is derived from the latin word “sapientia” meaning “wisdom”.

Our goal is to help anyone interested in learning about technology through our YouTube channel and our blog. All of our learning resources are beginner friendly.

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Meet our team

Chanel Greco

Chanel Greco

saperis is the brainchild of Chanel, a former IT Project Manager, Software Developer and Coding Teacher turned Developer Advocate for Google.

Chanel loves sharing her technology knowledge with anyone looking for easy to understand learning resources. 


Roger Greco

Roger is the creative part of the saperis team. He breathes live into the videos and visuals and makes sure that all operations run smoothly.

Without Roger polishing Chanel’s content saperis would only be half as good at helping others understand technology.

Roger Greco