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How to Share Google Calendar with Others [4 Options]

You want to find out how to share your Google Calendar with others? Learn about the different sharing options and how to use them.

How to Share Google Calendar with Others [4 Options]

You want to find out how you can share your Google Calendar with others? Let’s say you’re a team of five using Google Workspace and you all want to be able to view each others calendars.

In this article we’ll cover the four different options you have when sharing your Google Calendar with others.

Want to see the sharing of Google Calendar in action? Then go ahead and watch the following video tutorial!


Option 1 - Share your Calendar with Specific People

Let’s start with option 1: Sharing your Google Calendar with specific people instead of with the whole organization.

For all the options we will be covering you will have to access the settings of Google Calendar by hitting the Gear icon in the top tool bar. In the menu that appears you’ll want to click on Settings.

Access Google Calendar settings
Access the Google Calendar settings

On the left side in the main menu click on Settings for my calendars. You will see your own name which you can click on. This will expand the submenu from which you click on Share with specific people.

Access the sharing settings in Google Calendar
Access the sharing settings in Google Calendar

A window will pop open on which you can choose a person, within or outside your organization, with whom you want to share your calendar. It’s possible to add multiple people in this step.

Once you’ve chosen the people you have to decide on the level of permission they should receive. The four options you have are:

  1. See only free/busy (hide details): The others won’t see any details of your calendar events. Instead they’ll only see the text Busy on events in your calendar. This is a great option if you want more privacy.
  2. See all event details: The others will see the details, e.g. the title of the events in your calendar as well as the guests added to the event.
  3. Make changes to events: The others will see all details and will be able to edit the event. For instance, they could add further people to the guest list or change the description.
  4. Make changes and manage sharing: This permission level will be covered in the next section.

Once you’ve chosen the people and the permission level save the settings by clicking on the Send button. The sharing will be instantly activated. 

Share Google Calendar with specific person

Option 2 - Delegate your Calendar

You can delegate your calendar to someone, e.g. your personal assistant. You will definitely want to trust this person because they will have the maximum possible permissions on your calendar.

To delegate your calendar you will want to share your calendar with a specific person (explained in the previous section) and set the permission level to Make changes to events. 

The delegatee will be able to change anything on a calendar event, create new events and delete existing ones. Furthermore, that person will also be able to re-share your calendar with other people or change the existing sharing settings.

Option 3 - Share your Calendar with Anyone in your Organization

Instead of adding your team members one by one to your calendar you could also share it with anyone in your organization. 

As of the writing of this article you can only choose between See only free/busy (hide details) and See all event details as permission levels.

Share Google Calendar with organization
Share your Google Calendar with your organization

Option 4 - Share your Calendar with People who don't have Google Calendar

You want to share your Google Calendar with non-Google users? Let’s say you want to publish your calendar on your website so others can see if you’re available.

For this you have to set the settings to Make available to public and choose the permission level you want to apply.

Make Google Calendar available to public
Make your Google Calendar available to public

Next scroll down to the Integrate calendar section. Here you can choose either the Public URL of your calendar or the Embeded code to add it to your own website.

Google Calendar integrations
The Google Calendar integration options


Now you know pretty much everything there’s to know about sharing your Google Calendar with others. If you want to check the official Google Help Center article you can do so here.

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