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Gmail filters for managing emails automatically

Don't let youself be overwhelmed by the tons of emails you receive every day. Gmail filters for managing emails automatically to the rescue!

Gmail filters for managing emails automatically

So you might be asking yourself: “Gmail filters for managing emails? Why would I want to manage my incoming emails with Gmail filters? What’s the benefit of that?”

Well, like most people you probably receive a bunch of emails every single day. Let’s say you’re collaborating on a project and lots of emails concerning this project are sent back and forth between you and your collaborators. Needless to say these emails clutter up your inbox.

Wouldn’t it be useful if these emails would automatically be marked with a custom label so you at first glance recognize they are concerning a specific project? And what about if they were moved from your inbox to your label as they come in? With Gmail filters that’s exactly what you can do!


Gmail filters explained

You have the possibility of creating filters based on, for example, words contained in the email subject or body. Or maybe you want to create a filter based on the sender of the email. For instance you might want to directly delete mark as important the messages you receive from your manager.

As you see in the image below, Jane Example created a filter based on the topic “Digital Business Strategy”. With this filter each and every email containing that phrase skips the inbox, receives the custom label “Digital Business Strategy” (that Jane stylishly changed to be purple) and gets moved to that specific label. This filter helps to keep Jane’s inbox smaller and she has all the emails concerning the project “Digital Business Strategy” in one place.

Custom label created by Gmail filter
Emails that were automatically moved to a custom label

You see now why you might want to automatically manage your incoming emails with Gmail’s filters? Pretty cool, right?

In the following video you’ll learn step by step, based on Jane Example’s Gmail setup, how you can use Gmail filters for managing emails automatically.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the video, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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