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Manage Gmail Inbox: Use task specific email addresses

Manage your Gmail inbox by using task specific email adresses. For example use a task specific email address for all the newsletters you receive.

Manage Gmail Inbox: Use task specific email addresses

With the many messages you receive daily you’re probably looking for ways to manage your inbox. One way to manage your Gmail inbox is by using task specific email addresses. What does that mean?

A task specific email address is kind of like an add-on to your Gmail that you create by inserting the + sign into your email address. In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can use task specific email addresses. I’ll also give you an idea of how you can combine them with filters to even better manage your Gmail inbox.

This tutorial also comes in video form if you would like to watch me show and explain every step of the setup.


How to use task specific email addresses

There is no need to actually configure or install anything in Gmail itself. All you have to do is use the task specific email address. In our tutorial we’re signing up to the saperis newsletter with the task specific email address of

Signing up to newsletter
Using a task specific email address to sign up to a newsletter

Task specific email addresses always have to be used by inserting the + symbol before the @ sign followed by whatever description or name you like. In the following image you see some examples of possible task specific email addresses for Jane Example. Her email address is

Task specific email addresses
Examples of task specific email addresses

Combining task specific email addresses with filters

The true potential of tasks specific email addresses becomes obvious when you combine them with filters in Gmail. In our tutorial we’re using to sign up to some newsletters. The next step is to create a filter for it. This filter automatically takes the incoming messages sent to that task specific email address and moves them to a custom label.

Creating a filter for the task specific email address

From now on any incoming messages to the task specific email address will skip the inbox and be moved to the Newsletter custom label. That’s a great way to manage your Gmail inbox and keep it from being cluttered up.

Further information

If you want to further dive into the topic of using filters in Gmail then have a look a this tutorial.  And here’s the official G Suite information all about task specific email addresses.


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