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Google Meet Basics – Written & Video Tutorial

Get to know the Google Meet basics in this step-by-step tutorial! You'll learn how to create a new meeting as well as check the audio and video settings.

Google Meet Basics – Written & Video Tutorial

This tutorial will help you understand the Google Meet basics. With more than two million users each day, Google Meet is more in demand than ever! So it’s time to get to know this video conferencing tool. 

By the way, you don’t have to install any software in order to use Google Meet. All you need is an internet browser and a Google account. And an internet connection of course.

Do you prefer to watch this tutorial in video form? Here you go!


Getting started with Google Meet Basics

Sign in to your Google account and click on the Google Apps icon in the top right corner of your internet browser. The menu will open and you then click on the Meet icon.

Access Google Meet via Google Apps icon
Click on the Google Meet icon once you logged in with your Google account

Click on the large + Join or start a meeting button.

Start a Google Meet call by clicking the Join or start meeting button

If you’re joining a meeting then paste the address you were given by the organizer in the prompt that appears. If you’re instead starting a new meeting as an organizer, go ahead and give it a name to your liking. 

Join or create meeting
Either enter code for existing meeting or give a nickname for a new meeting

Check the settings before joining a meeting

Before you actually enter the “meeting room”, you should take a minute to check your settings. To do so click on the More Options icon.

Google Meet - More options
Select More options before you start the call

You have two separate window panes, the first being Audio. Here you can change your microphone and your speakers. If you have any external devices connected to your computer (e.g. an USB microphone), you can choose them here as the input and output sources.

Of course this is also the place to check if your devices are working as expected. To do so check that the wave symbol next to the microphone icon is green and moving as you speak. Further click on the word Test next to the microphone symbol to hear a test sound.

Once you’re happy with the audio settings click on Video

Check audio settings
Check the audio settings

In the video pane you can choose which camera should be active for the call. In this tutorial we’re using an external webcam instead of the built-in laptop webcam.

If you have a low internet bandwidth you might want to change the send resolution and receive resolution from High definition (720p) to Standard Definition (360p). This setting throttles the rate at which the data is sent and received in order that you have the best possible quality for your circumstances. Once you’re finished with adjusting your settings, click on Done

Check video settings
Check the video settings

Now it’s time to join the meeting. And you’ve probably guessed it: click on the Join now button to start a new meeting or join an existing one (depending on what you chose in the first step).

Join Google meet call
Click Join now to start the video conferencing call

During the video call

A pop-up gives you all the information needed to invite others to your meeting. You can either copy and then send the URL or directly add them through Add people.

Pop-up with information about the call
Use this information to invite others to the video call

An interesting feature are captions. As you speak during your video conference, Google auto-generates captions of what’s being said. This might be an interesting option if someone’s joining who’s hearing-impaired or simply can’t use audio.

Turn on captions
You can turn on captions

The three big icons at the bottom of the browser window are:

  • Microphone symbol to toggle your microphone on and off
  • Telephone symbol to leave the meeting
  • Camera icon to toggle your video on and off
Overview of the available buttons
The most used actions are centered

If you want to present something to the video call participants, you do so be clicking on Present now. You than have multiple options:

  • Share your entire screen.
  • Share a separate window.
  • Share a Chrome tab. This also allows that the participants hear the audio track of e.g. a video you want to present.
Share your screen
The three different presentation options

If you want to share information with each other, of let’s say a link to a specific document, click on the Chat icon. The chat protocol is visible to current video call participants.

You can chat with the other participants
You can chat with the other participants

If everything has been said and you want to terminate the video call, click on the red telephone symbol at the center of the screen.

Further information

Do you have questions concerning Google Meet? Then go ahead and get in touch with us.


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