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How to use Google Meet Raise Hand Feature

How can you use the Google Meet Raise Hand feature as a participant? And how can you manage the raised hands as a moderator/call initiator?

How to use Google Meet Raise Hand Feature

Do you want to virtually raise your hand during a conference call? Then you absolutely have to try out the Google Meet Raise Hand feature!

In this post I’ll not only cover how a participant can raise their hand during a conference call, but also how the call moderater/initiator can manage the feature.

Want to see a video tutorial about the Google Meet raise hand feature? Then watch this video.


Google Meet: Raise Hand as Participant

Once you’re in the Google Meet call as a participants you can move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. This will prompt the controls and icons at the bottom of the screen to appear.

Click on the Raise hand icon to make yourself noticed. Now wait for the moderater to (hopefully) give you the chance to ask your questions or give your input.

Just so that you know: When someone raises their hand, all participants are notified.

Google Meet call where you can raise your hand
As a participant click on Raise hand

What about if you’ve changed your mind and you don’t want to ask your question anymore? Or maybe your question has been answered in the meantime.

Whatever the case may be, go ahead and click on Lower hand to take your hand raise back.

Lower Hand in a Google Meet call
Lower hand if you've changed your mind

Manage the Raised Hands as a Moderator

If you’re the person who scheduled or started the meeting you’re automatically the moderator. If you prefer not to be the moderator you have to actively transfer ownership of the meeting to someone else.

When a participant in the call raises their hand you will see A) a little hand symbol on their tile (see the green arrows on the screenshot below) and B) on the Show everyone tab a Raised Hands section will appear. The participants will be listed in this section in the order they raised their hands in.

If a moderator presents while on a different tab, and a hand raises, they receive a sound notification.

Let’s say Adam Muster asked his question after having raised his hand. You then can simply position your mouse over the raised hand symbol and click on the Lower button that will appear.

If the moderator lowers a participants hand, they receive a notification.

You can lower hands from Google Meet call participants
You can lower the hand of a participant

What about if you want to lower all hands at once? In that case move your mouse over the section title Raised hands and the Lower all text will appear. Click on it to lower all raised hands at once.

Google Meet lower hands of all participants
Lower all hands at once

As you notice, the raise hand feature is quite straight forward and easy to use. Happy collaborating!


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