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Google Meet – Camera not Working

Here some tips on what to do when your camera is not working in Google Meet. The tips provided in this tutorial can also by used during a conference call.

Google Meet – Camera not Working

You’re in a Google Meet video call and your camera is not working? That can be a stressful situation and you need good advice on how to deal with it. In this tutorial you’ll receive advice on possible solutions to the problem of your camera not working in a Google Meet call. This tutorial also comes in video form if you prefer watching me troubleshooting.


Checking the camera settings

During the call at the bottom of your browser you see a panel with different symbols. Click on the More icon that is represented by the three vertically aligned dots. Then click on Settings.

Google Meet settings
Accessing the Google Meet settings

You’ll see two separate window panes and you’ll want to click on the one with the name Video. Here you’ll find all the possible settings for your camera. 

The first thing to check for is what camera is being used by the active Google Meet call. In this tutorial you see that C922 Pro Stream Webcam #3 is being used for this call. If you click on the arrow down icon next to the camera name you might see other devices listed. If your on a notebook you might see the name of the built-in camera. Select it and see if you get an image.

Are you joining the Google Meet video call with a USB webcam but can’t see it listed in the camera list? Then go ahead and unplug the webcam from your notebook and then plug it in again. Sometimes this has the effect that Google Meet recognizes the camera and activates it.

Camera settings
The camera settings in Google Meet

If the tips mentioned above don’t do the trick then you could try doing one of the following two things:

  1. Leave the call and rejoin again.
  2. Leave the call, restart your computer and rejoin the call.

Check the resolution

If the image of you, that the other participants receive, keeps on freezing, then try to lower the resolution. You do so by choosing the Standard definition (360p) under Send resolution (maximum) in the Video settings.

Changing the sending resolution

Further Information

Hopefully the problem with your camera was resolved and you can have a great virtual meeting.

If you want to learn more on how to use Google Meet and do things like sharing your screen, head over to this tutorial. And here is the official Google Meet Help article about changing your computer’s video and audio settings.


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