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5 Tips for becoming a Developer Advocate

You want to become a Developer Advocate? In this blog post I will share with you my top 5 tips for becoming a Developer Advocate.


JavaScript for beginners - for loop

In this blog post you will learn how to use the for loop in JavaScript to loop over data, that is items in an array.

Google Workspace Tools

Who Has Access to my Google Drive Files?

Can you answer the question: "Who has access to my Google Drive files"? The Tricent Compliance Tool will help you manage your file sharing!

Google Workspace Tutorials

Google Meet – Camera not Working

Here some tips on what to do when your camera is not working in Google Meet. The tips provided in this tutorial can also by used during a conference...

Google Workspace Tutorials

Google Apps Script Tutorial for Beginners

In this Google Apps Script tutorial for beginners you'll learn how to automate the formatting of a Google Sheets document.

Google Workspace Tutorials

How to use Google Chat [Comprehensive Guide]

In this comprehensive guide you'll learn how to use Google Chat: the different messaging options you have, how to install bots and much more.

Google Workspace Tutorials

How to use Google Meet Raise Hand Feature

How can you use the Google Meet Raise Hand feature as a participant? And how can you manage the raised hands as a moderator/call initiator?

Google Workspace Tutorials

Google Drive: Stop Sharing of Files and Folders

In Google Drive you can stop others from sharing files and folders that you have shared with them. In this tutorial you'll learn how to restrict...

Google Workspace Tutorials

Google Meet Basics – Written & Video Tutorial

Get to know the Google Meet basics in this step-by-step tutorial! You'll learn how to create a new meeting as well as check the audio and video...

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